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10 Top Trends SEO Landscape

10 Top Trends in the Current SEO Landscape

Written by Steve Myring of digitalstrategies.co.uk
CEO of Digital Strategies Marketing Agency. UK Based
The SEO landscape has undergone a sea change compared to the yesteryears. Webmasters who wish to master SEO need to update themselves regularly with the latest trends, since SEO today is more vast and varied than ever before.
If you are businessman or entrepreneur then your probably don't have the time to research the latest SEO services and trends. However, you need to keep track of the updates and know the hottest trends that rule the SEO landscape. This article outlines the top 10 trends in the current SEO services landscape that you need to be aware of.

1. SEO Still Holds Importance and Will Continue to Do So

SEO still holds importance in terms of online marketing and when done correctly it can reap you amazing results. The key to success in SEO is to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and manipulating your SEO campaigns likewise.

2. Brand Signals are Significant

The popularity of your brand online plays an important role in how Google and other search engines value your brand integrity. Brand signal may indicate the social signals, Google+ optimization, mentions about your brand on other reputed publications, etc. Brands that take advantage of the latest online trends and put efforts accordingly are rewarded with powerful Search Engine Results Page (SERP) presence.

3. Link Building can be Dangerous

Avoid link building by all means. Trying to build links artificially can get your website penalised. Rather than focus on such outdated techniques, focus more on content marketing. Fresh and unique content will attract links automatically which is what Google recommends. If you still want to build links, try out some safe and low risk link building methods.

4. Guest Posts

There were a lot of rumours making rounds about the ill effects of guest posts which made content marketers wary about this technique. But the truth is guest posts can be very effective, if you write useful stuff and post on valuable blogs. Focus on creating content that offers value to the readers and see how effective guest posts can be.

5. Content is Still King

Content still remains important to make your website rank well on SERPs. Content in all formats – video, infographics, blogposts, social, articles and whatever else you can think of – will be beneficial for your SEO efforts. If you become successful as a content marketer, you will be successful as an SEO as well.

6. Search Queries Affect Rankings

The search phrases that online users type to search your website affects the rankings, according to recent evidence. So be very careful about the phrases that your website ranks for.

7. Improve Click-Through Rates to Improve Rankings

When your website appears on SERPs, the users either click on it or move on to other websites. Google tracks this user behaviour and uses it to rank the websites. Websites with higher click-through rates have better chances of being ranked higher than those with lower click-through rates.

8. Dwell Time affects Rankings

Dwell time, the time taken by the user to clink on search results, the time they spend on the page they clicked and their activities on the page; affect the ranking of a website. The longer the visitors spend on a page and the longer the user takes to return back to the SERPs, the better will be the impact on the website that the user clicked. Websites that gain long clicks are rewarded by high rankings.

9. Google Penalties for Violating Rules

If you want to retain your rankings, abide by the rules and regulations set by Google. Google promises harsher penalties for those who violate rules, as of September 2015.

10. Your Website Must be Mobile Friendly

By now all webmasters, businessmen and marketers know the importance of mobile friendliness. You must make your website mobile friendly.
With regular algorithm updates, it might become difficult for marketers to keep themselves updated. Thankfully you can do even without updating yourself about each and every update in the SEO landscape. Just offer your users with what they are looking for and reap the benefits. Offer value to your readers and Google will reward your efforts.